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Karen & Jay Recordings
Jay's Recordings

Handful of Keys (and a Song to Sing)
This is Karen and Jay's first CD, filled with romantic ballads.
May All Your Days Be Holidays
Karen and Jay's second CD features nineteen songs of the season.
Eye of the Storm
Jay's first solo CD is nearly an hour of eclectic rock, featuring his biggest hit.
Family Album
Jay's second CD is a somber reflection on family and relationships.
Feel Like Fire
This is Jay's upbeat journey through pop music.
Time Machine
Jay tackles war, the presidency, vegetables and more.
Jay's final solo CD is an atmospheric and complex tour de force.
Piano Works
This is a collection of Jay's compositions for piano.
Jay's Greatest Hits
Chosen from a JayNews poll, here are the songs that fans loved the most.
Jay's Greatest Misses
These selections are some of Jay's personal favorites, plus songs that were always well-received in concerts but didn't make it onto the Greatest Hits.
The Best of the Jay Sessions
Jay covers an eclectic collection of sixteen songs, "unplugged."

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