These are MP3 files that were digitized from Mountain Park's old 8-track master tapes. The sound quality is consistent with 8-track tapes recorded in the 1970s. They are presented in the order in which they were recorded. The Mystery Ride, Out of This World and Pirates Den recordings are the soundtracks that were played in those rides. Most of the sounds were short loops that repeated.

This ride-thru fun house originally had a jungle theme. Though the look of the ride changed over the years, the sound stayed the same. It was a mix of incessant drums and various jungle animals.

This was the soundtrack for Mountain Park's elaborate space-themed walk-thru fun house. It was played right up until the ride was removed in 1982. The recording is similar to music from cheesy 1950s sci-fi movies.

The Pirate's Den This ride-thru had the most elaborate soundtrack, but it never quite worked right. There were supposed to be eight separate channels (played on machines similar to old radio station carts) running through eight separate speakers located throughout the ride. As the car progressed through the circuit the rider was supposed to hear different things. But since the ride was basically one large open room, the result would be mostly cacophony. Jay created the "Mix" track to simulate what the ride could have sounded like.
Pirate's Den Mix Pirate's Den, Track 1 left Pirate's Den, Track 1 right Pirate's Den, Track 2 left & right
Pirate's Den, Track 3 left Pirate's Den, Track 3 right Pirate's Den, Track 4 left Pirate's Den, Track 4 right

Zoltan Here is a collection of wise sayings from that master of eloquence, Zoltan, backed by musical excerpts from Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite. This was a "hi-tech" spin on the old fortune-teller arcade machine that would give you a small card containing a paragraph or two of advice. Zoltan had lower overhead because the patron received nothing but a recitation of the fortune. You would press a button on the machine to correspond with your zodiac sign. Then you lifted a small speaker to your ear so that Zoltan would speak to you and you alone. There are perceptible phonograph scratches in the recordings.
Sowing wild oats Putting things off An upswing Your true nature Trip the light fantastic
Some advice for you An observation Indulge in your passtime Speaking freely Calmness
Repeated indication Finances Speaking to you alone Splurging Balance
Forgetting your abilities Unselfishness Changes Choosing Zoltan has a question
Wisdom Shyness Take a chance Being short-tempered Being charming
The present Investing Enthusiasm Buckling down

Lincoln Park
Here's a radio advertisement from 1983 for North Dartmouth's Lincoln Park, which was owned by the Collins family and was a sister to Mountain Park.

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