Piano Works was the last recording Jay made before meeting Karen in 1995. For this album, he went back to his first instrument, the piano, and rendered versions of instrumentals he had written over the previous two decades. There are three stand-alone pieces (Sleep-Chasings, Fond Farewell and In Town) and two collections. The Suite For The Savage God is excerpted from the music he wrote for a production of dadaist plays in New York. The piano ballads are short pieces influenced by the music of Claude Debussy.

Sheet music for this collection is available here.

Sleep-Chasings (1979)


Humulus The Mute
The Pelicans
Valentine's Massacre
The Typist

Fond Farewell (1995)

In Town (1980)

   PIANO BALLADS (1978 - 1982):

Piano Ballad 1
Piano Ballad 2
Piano Ballad 3
Piano Ballad 4
Piano Ballad 5
Piano Ballad 6
Piano Ballad 7
Piano Ballad 8
Piano Ballad 9
Piano Ballad 10

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