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Fortune, Consummate Empress


In a Tavern

Cours D'amours

The Score

copyright Jay Ducharme 1980, 1991, 1994, 1999


11. Fraught with indecisive thought - 12. I once was quite a handsome swan

13. I am the pastor - 14. In a tavern



11. Fraught with indecisive thought

I)     Fraught with indecisive thought,
Drunkenly debating
Whether life has any worth,
All my concentrating
Proves my life is like the dust,
Not worth emulating
As wind sweeps me randomly,
Never long abating.

II)     Many so-called wise men think,
Wrongly computating,
That it's best to root yourself,
Firmly demarcating.
I prefer a different route:
Never quite relating
To one place at any time,
Never situating.

III)     Let me sail away to sea,
No thoughts of returning.
Let the endless water try
Quenching all my yearning.
Water can't put out my fire;
Fire is for burning.
Let my flame strike other men
So their souls start churning.

IV)     Who on earth could live a life
Solely based on learning?
Let's at least enjoy our time
While the earth's still turning.
Give desire precedence --
Love's not made for spurning.
You're not young for very long;
Spend while you're still earning.

V)     Following the rugged path
Youth is prone to using,
Searching for a better road
Paved for swifter cruising,
I run into youthful lust,
Open for abusing.
Lust and reason battle, but
Reason's always losing.

12. I once was quite a handsome swan

I)     I once was quite a handsome swan,
Though now my beauty's nearly gone.
I've over-cooked to roasted scrawn.

II)     You should have seen how nice I looked:
My nights out at the pond were booked.
Now you might say my goose is cooked.

V)     Now I am on a serving plate;
My chance to flee has come too late
And gnashing teeth will be my fate.

Ref)     Poor me, poor me,
There's no more me;
I'm burnt black as can be.

13. I am the Pastor

I am the Pastor of Notre Dame, and my hobby's drinking with the guys each night. And we play a little cards, strip poker mostly. Yeah, whoever loses at it first, he has to run down the sidewalk minus all his clothes and -- this is a riot -- has to shout out loud:

Dammit! Dammit!
Fate, how come you treat us all like shit?
Don't think that I'm gonna quit --

I'll have fun in spite of it!

Ha ha.

14. In a tavern underground

I)     In a tavern underground
Lit dimly by a dying candle,
There each one of us has found
What makes his burdens light to handle.
If you want to know our vices
What we give as our advice is
Listen closely to our story,
Take a moral inventory.

II)     Some men drink and others gamble.
Some stay put and others ramble.
And by those who take their chances,
Fortune's given backward glances.
After we have paid tuition
To our colleges of pleasure,
Then we drink to life's fruition
As the dice are thrown at leisure:

III)     Once for grapes upon the vine, and
Once more when they turn to wine, and
Prisoners are toasted twice and
Carefree people toasted thrice, and
Four times for Catholicism,
Five for all those who create a schism.
Toast six times for any holy nuns and
Toast seven times for all the horny ones, and

IV)     Eight times for my poor perverted brother,
Nine for crooks who pardon one another,
Ten for sailors sailing out at sea,
Eleven times for men who drown at sea
And twelve for those who make a sinner's plea,
Thirteen for those who roam the country free.
Here's to Popes and politicians;
Drink to all without omissions!

V)     Here's to men and here's to women,
Here's to fat and here's to thin men,
Here's to maestroes, here's to mystics,
Here's to clerks and here's to clerics,
Here's to shy men and to flagrants,
Here's to soldiers, here's to vagrants,
Here's to living and cessation,
Here's to end discrimination,

VI)     Here's to tough guys, here's to wimps, and
Here's to prostitutes and pimps, and
Here's to servants, here's to earls, and
Here's to boys and here's to girls, and
Here's to sister, here's to brother,
Here's to father, here's to mother!
Here's to hundreds! Here's to millions!
Here's to billions! Here's to trillions!

VII)    "As for what gives man elation,
Not all things in moderation."
Here's to all you who get plastered!
What the hell if you're a bastard,
Take life by the horns and steer it
Where you want it! Never fear it!
Who the hell cares who's offended;
Live up life before it's ended!