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Fortune, Consummate Empress


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The Score

copyright Jay Ducharme 1980, 1991, 1994, 1999


1. Fortune reigning - 2. Though Fortune showers me with gifts


1. Fortune reigning

I)     Fortune reigning,
Waxing, waning,
Always doing as You please,
You never cease
From Your caprice.
Our luck forever varies.
You bring us wealth,
Then with Your stealth
You quietly absolve us.
As sun melts ice,
By Your device
So too do You dissolve us.

II)     You're like roulette.
What luck we get
Is seldom for the better.
The more You spin,
The less we win.
We stay Your helpless debtor.
There's no reward.
We can't afford
The heavy debts we're paying.
We always lose,
And yet we choose
To blindly keep on playing.

III)     Grim Fortune can
Reduce a man,
Without much provocation,
From ecstasy
To agony
Regardless of his station.
Our vain discord
Won't strike a chord:
Fate laughs as our lives decay.
No prayer, no sin
Can save our skin.
Let us cry without delay.

2. Though Fortune showers me with gifts

I)     Though Fortune showers me with gifts,
Seducing me with pleasures,
I know that Fortune always shifts,
Taking back my treasures.
Fortune gets us pregnant, but
Then aborts the fetus.
Happiness She should grant, but
Watch how She will treat us.

II)     Once I sat upon a throne,
Relishing my power.
But even though my wealth had grown,
Soon it all went sour:
Fortune turned and took its toll,
Showing me no mercy.
In the end I lost control,
Robbed of all my glory.

III)    Revolving Fortune sweeps the earth,
Without regard for justice.
Impoverished men and men of worth
Equally will perish.
Fortune's joys can swiftly stop,
Turning into trouble.
All that rises to the top
Soon must fall to rubble.